Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Many of You..

How many of you are up way later than you're supposed to, or should be, and you're real paranoid? Now, How many of you think every little noise is someone trying to break into your house and kill you.

Well.. I was sitting in my living room checking blogs and such when I hear this loud ass noise at my front door, which is about seven feet away, and it sounds like someone went, "oooooaaa". Resembles some dead grim reaper guy. Anyways, thought I'd share that I just shit my pants and had three simultaneous heart attacks. Still feelin that adrenaline. Pretty shaky bra.

Well, I'm out /b/ros.


  1. just to let u know I still folowing. :) :*

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  4. I visited your blog, K1icked an ad of yours, and followed you. I hope you do the same for me. Thanks /b/rother.

    I showed you some love. Show me some too. ;D

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